March 1, 2011 By blogging

U.S. Army Releases iPhone App

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Yesterday the United States Army released a free app designed to connect users with soldiers’ blogs. The free app takes users to a site called Army Strong Stories. This site houses more than 600 blogs maintained by soldiers over seas.

The site also has photos and videos posted by soldiers. Through the app you are also able to post your own ‘Army Strong Stories’—a featured designed to reach out to veterans as well.

The site was released in January of 2008 because the Army felt that positive military stories should be given a venue, since negative military stories were often picked up by the media.

The primary goal of the new iPhone app is to recruit. The U.S. Army hopes that by giving potential recruits a direct link to personal stories, they will give more consideration to a career in the military.

This is an interesting new app, not only because of its capabilities, but also because of the goal behind it. Regardless, it is impressive to see social media making the convergence into the military.

More and more social media is finding relevance in our society. Hats off the U.S. Army, who is never far behind in the digital world. From their music video campaigns, to this latest app, we must say the military is pretty tech savvy…in a social sense that is.