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Tweets and Twerks: The Tale of Two Starlets

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If you like Integrate on Facebook, you’ve probably seen more than one post about Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes. And if you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen my Wall of Shame, on which both young ladies haves places of honor. We’re an office full of pop culture fans; like most twenty-somethings, we love our celeb gossip. But personally, I just like watching celebrities go crazy. It’s my guilty pleasure, what can I say? They’re like train wrecks: you know you probably shouldn’t stare but you just can’t help it.

Like most of the country, the two most recent starlets to capture my attention are Amanda and Miley. The two have a lot in common. Both were child stars. They had a couple hits after they grew up; Miley had the oh-so catchy tune, “Party in the USA” while Amanda had the surprisingly funny flick, “She’s The Man.” Oh, and then they both shaved parts of their heads, added fun piercings/tattoos and started doing drugs, not necessarily in that order.

But that’s where the similarities end. Yes both ended up in the limelight for the wrong reasons, but I propose that only one is actually spiraling out of control. Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes both seemed to have lost their grip and yet one is now in rehab while the other is on the cover of four magazines as I write this. So what happened? How did the two end up so different?

My theory: Amanda is actually going through a very serious crisis, while Miley is putting on a show. Amanda has lost most of her money, her hair and it seems like, her sanity. She is in rehab and while I sincerely miss all of her ranting tweets about how everyone is ugly, it seems she is trying to get better. Since then, there has been a distinct drop in the number of crazy Amanda stories in the news. She was everywhere for a hot minute, and then just as quickly as she blew up, she burned out.

But Miley, whose coverage shot up in the same short period of time, is still out there. Actually, she’s everywhere. She’s making more money than ever. She’s sticking her tongue out on the cover of every magazine. She’s playing all the right crazy cards. She’s not in rehab, or jail. She’s not burning out. And why not? Because her life has become one big performance. One that people, myself included, are eating up.

She’s a calculated crazy whereas Amanda was the real deal. Miley is laughing all the way to the bank because she knows we all love a hot mess. She never had a Billboard No. 1 hit until after her VMA stunt. Coincidence? Come on now. Let’s be real, people love the drama and right now Miley is the giving us all the drama we could possible need.  This isn’t a spiral out of control. Miley has a very clear direction: up.

PS- I’m more Team Amanda than I am Miley.

Written by: Kaitlyn DuBose