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Escape Routes Allows You to be a Part of the Game

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Have you ever wanted to be a part of a game show on TV? NBC’s Escape Routes may not allow you physically participate, but with the aid of social media you have a chance to be in on the action!

Escape routes is a competitive, interactive reality show that allows you to help six teams accomplish different challenges and tasks from week to week. The show is similar in format to The Amazing Race, with the teams competing over a six-week period of time for the grand prize, $100,00 and a 2013 Ford Escape.

The game allows you to “join” one team and makes the game “social” through a variety of ways of interacting with the show. There are challenges that require you to earn points and badges, tracked on the site’s leaderboard. You can participate in one of two live streams, broadcast either from the player’s vehicles or the loft that serves as their home base and help players in daily and weekly challenges. The Escape Routes digital host @ijustine answers questions tweeted with the hashtag #escaperoutes. The player with the most points and badges at the end of the game has a chance to win their own 2013 Ford Escape.

The show aired its first episode this past on the evening of March 31st at 8 p.m. and drew only 1 share of its 18-49 year old target demographic, coming in fourth and last place among the broadcast networks. However, they have had some big names to compete against for viewership, including the Final Four. Ford has always been at the forefront of new and innovative marketing schemes, and we may see higher numbers of viewers as the series continues on. As Escape Routes enters its third week, will you be tuning in to help these teams?