March 21, 2011 By blogging

Tumblr Security Breech

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For those of you who are avid Tumblr users, if you haven’t heard about the Tumblr events this weekend you will definitely want to read this! Saturday morning Tumblr received a tweet warning of a coding error.

The coding error opened a security hole that could potentially reveal users passwords and other personal information. Tumblr however, reacted quickly to mitigate the issue and released an official response 5 or 6 hours later:

“A human error caused some sensitive server configuration information to be exposed this morning. Our technicians took immediate measures to protect from any issues that may come as a result.

We’re triple checking everything and bringing in outside auditors to confirm, but we have no reason to believe that anything was compromised. We’re certain that none of your personal information (passwords, etc.) was exposed, and your blog is backed up and safe as always. This was an embarrassing error, but something we were prepared for.

The fact that this occurred at all is still unacceptable, and we’ll be seriously evaluating and adjusting our processes to ensure an error like this can never happen again. Please let us know if you have absolutely any questions.”

There is no word on exactly what caused the error, and Mashable bloggers have since questioned the timeliness of those who discovered the error; suggesting they were more focused on broadcasting the error than letting Tumblr know so that they could fix it.

Your Tumblr accounts should be safe, but if you start to notice anything unusual, be sure to let Tumblr know immediately.