February 6, 2012 By blogging

Trendspotting – Social Media is In Fashion!

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Much like our football loving friends in the advertising industry enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday, we’re all over ourselves when the fashion and social media worlds collide. It’s always inspiring to see how different entrepreneurs utilize these mediums – see how marketers of late have been doing it big with our favorite social media tools.  

NY Fashion week

Remember the awesomeness that was Burberry’s tweetwalk ? Last September, the classic brand took a social media step forward and posted incoming runway fashions to the Twitterverse seconds before they previewed, giving their followers a stylish scoop. That being said, for this year’s fashion week, most brands have gotten the clue and stepped up their social media game.

See a great list of Live streams on Youtube, plus, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram accounts to follow!

Accessory Auctions – Buy the cutest accessories on Facebook!

While the idea of selling things via Facebook is not completely new, Accessory Auctions caught our eye as we watched their merchandise fly off their shelves last week! With several of our associates being closely connected to Austin, TX, the store’s concept has proven to be an effective tool for the store to move merchandise quickly – here’s how it works.

Such a simple, innovative idea – we love it! Be sure to tune in for tonight’s sale!