February 14, 2022 By mandrews

Top Reasons You Need to Work with an Agency in 2022

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In today’s busy world, everyone’s time is extremely valuable and limited, especially when you’re growing and marketing your brand. Determining if you have sufficient internal resources can be a tough decision. Read on to find out the many advantages of partnering with an agency and how it can have a major impact on helping your business grow.


Perhaps the most obvious reason why you should be working alongside an agency is that outsourcing your marketing strategy will benefit you financially. Marketing may not be in your wheelhouse, and that’s okay! From a financial perspective, you’ll be making an initial investment into your business, but over time, when you factor in potential salaries, benefits, hiring, and training, plus the cost of things like marketing research and development, you’ll soon realize you’ll be saving in the long run.


Managing your marketing campaigns can be time consuming. Partnering with an agency can take the technical aspects, marketing platforms, and data monitoring off your very full plate, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Additionally, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your campaigns are running smoothly and efficiently. 


Digital marketing requires a deep knowledge of the industry, as it is constantly evolving. Because of this, there can be a steep learning curve for an internal marketing team. When you partner with an agency, you’re gaining general marketing experience and expertise in specific skill sets, such as content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO,) or even public relations. Additionally, working with industry specialists versus marketing generalists can provide you with the advantage of industry knowledge and know-how.

New Ideas and Perspectives

The fresh perspective of a third-party can help your brand grow. An agency can come in without internal biases and help reshape your marketing strategy from an outsider’s point of view. Working with a team of marketing experts who are consistently up-to-date on current trends means that you don’t have to worry about staying . As an agency updates its ideas, platforms, and technology, your business will automatically reap the benefits.

Expertise Tailored to You

When you choose to work with a marketing agency, you gain access to a team of marketing professionals well-versed in tested strategies, the latest technological advancements, and of-the-moment marketing trends. In addition, the right marketing team is dedicated to problem-solving, curious about your brand, and able to offer an unbiased perspective of your business, allowing you to better understand the wants and needs of your clients.

Established Relationships with Platforms

In an increasingly digital world where strategies and technology can change by the day, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options and information. An agency is committed to consistently monitoring the trends for your specific market and specific platforms. An agency also has professional, reputable relationships with many of the existing marketing platforms that many small, in-house marketing departments are unable to obtain.

Access to Insights and Data

Your agency partner will have an arsenal of tools and resources at their disposal to ensure they remain at the forefront of data-driven marketing. These tools allow the agency to prioritize more and deeper insights into your business while fostering transparency in the client-agency partnership. By leveraging this data, the agency is better able to translate it into actions that help your brand grow. 

Deciding to outsource your marketing to an agency can provide you and your brand with a wealth of advantages. So if you decide you’re interested in exploring your options or have made the decision to partner with an agency, let’s get in touch.