December 19, 2013 By blogging

‘Tis the Season!

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Seasons greetings from the team at Integrate Public Relations! We are all looking forward to the holidays and a few days of R & R. Some of us will be spending time with family here in Houston, others will be traveling to the far corners of the world, and some of us are scattered somewhere in between.

Dreaming of an exotic vaca? Look out for what Allie and Jenny are doing. We will be following their adventures abroad and living vicariously through their travels. Allie is headed to India and Dubai, while Jenny has just about settled in at Elephant Hills in Thailand by now.

There is also something comforting in staying right where you are during the holidays, with no travel or packing-induced stress. Our Houston natives, Laura and Ashley, and transplant, Kaitlyn, will be enjoying their holiday from right here in the Houston area, where Kaitlyn will be moving into a new place! Ahna will be headed back to near-by Beaumont. Keep an eye out for what they’re up to in the area.

Allison, Mary and Julia all have out-of-state travel plans as they make their way to Ruidoso, New Mexico, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Montgomery, Alabama. These ladies may even have white Christmases this year, so stay tuned to see if you can get a glimpse of snow!

With so much going on, we would hate to feel out of the loop over the holidays, so don’t forget to check in on us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what we’re up to. Are you headed out of town for winter vacation, or stay-cationing in Houston? Share your holiday pictures with us!