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Thinking About a Website Update?

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These days everyone is busy and schedules are hectic, and taking the time to update a website can get put on the backburner. We have done public relations and social media audits for clients in the past, such as Houston Friends of Chamber Music, to help them determine how to approach and execute their own campaigns, and taking a good look at the website is a great place to start. So, we wanted to share a few tips to help you perform your own website audit, whether you are redesigning, rebranding, or just wanting to spruce things up a bit.

Look at each page on your website and really consider the worth, purpose and goal of each page.  Your current content serves as a solid base and starting point for future content. Are you duplicating topics? How many visits are you getting per page? Consider combining, removing or revamping any of those pages that fall on the low side of those numbers.

Also, consider where you want to take the website visually. Just like any other type of design, websites trends fluctuate so you’ll want to research today’s trends and use existing websites in and out of your industry for inspiration. Don’t forget to consider how your website will look on a phone or tablet screen and how mobile-friendly the user experience is. Remember that your website is telling a story through copy and images as visitors scroll down the page and that you want to: keep your header bar fixed; maintain simplicity in the color scheme; provide seamless, concise information; use visually appealing typography; and video as opposed to text, where applicable.

Be mindful of your voice as it relates to your desired customer. Additionally, use that voice consistently across all social media platforms. Your voice should be uniform, so clients and consumers are finding the same “person” behind every channel.

Now the hard part: making changes. Determine what to keep, what to remove and what needs to be created, added or combined. As you add content, be sure to keep an eye out for how that new stuff is doing and how your revamped website is performing overall in relation to your previous site.

Utilizing tools like Google Analytics allows you to see how much traffic you are getting to your site, and where those visitors are coming from. Additionally, Google Analytics can show the number of people that are viewing your site from a mobile device, so making your website mobile-friendly is also an important thing to consider.

SEO is very important to website development and popularity, as it affects the visibility of your website in a search engine’s results. The higher up in a search your name appears, the more likely it is that a consumer will visit your site over the others listed. Updating your website with relevant content and adding in keywords as often as possible can really add to your SEO value and keep you towards the top of those search engines.

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