November 20, 2012 By blogging

The Sincerity of Thanksgiving

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The holiday of Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and being with friends and family. You’ll see many businesses posting statuses on their social media channels with articles about how to get ready for the holidays, people repining new recipes they want to try, and even Tweets and Facebook posts about the things people are most thankful for. However, it can be difficult to seem sincere about this special time of year in 140 characters or less.

With the consistent stream of posts surrounding the holidays, ones feed can become flooded with happy holiday messages and well wishes. Are these messages really coming from the heart, or is there a social obligation to post a status on a holiday? People hold the holidays very near and dear to their hearts, so when they see that a loved one or acquaintance has not acknowledged an important holiday via their social media channels, they might assume that person does not share their same beliefs and values.

As an office full of holiday lovers, we are passionate about spreading cheer, but we also realize that not everyone is as in to holidays as we are. What do you think: are people sincerely giving thanks and wishing happy holidays to others online, or are they just fulfilling their social obligation to acknowledge these holidays via social media? Let us know your thoughts via our Facebook page!