August 5, 2011 By blogging

The QR Code: A Booming Social Media Trend

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Social media, like any other facet of human interaction, experiences periods of innovation and imitation. Networking sites like MySpace innovated with the idea of connecting millions across the world; Facebook and its clones imitated and differentiated their products with new features and ways to connect. The future of new media will likely shift in a. technological direction, claiming ground from what used to be the sole province of the tech-savvy and making it mainstream. Public relations will have to rely on newer and more advanced types of digital inter-connectivity to reach customers where they network with others.

The best example of an up-and-coming trend is the QR (Quick Response) code. A small, black-and-white symbol printed in a variety of sources, the QR code essentially works as a 21st-century barcode, allowing those with smartphones or tablet devices to instantly interact online media. By simply scanning the QR code with a portable device, you can instantly see additional information about whatever product, service or event it’s linked to. This provides exciting possibilities for social networking, as it completes the circle of inconnectivity between print and online media, and makes formerly static media— like print ads or billboards— interactive. While the QR code gained some ground in America and Europe in 2010, it took off like lightning in traditionally-tech-savvy Japan. With more than half of American consumers influenced to own smartphones with QR capabilities by the end of 2011, there has never been a better time to expand social media interaction with these new technological advances.

Any company that hopes to connect with customers or potential clients in this digital age must embrace new technologies as they arise. integrate has the knowledge of social media needed to create a positive and engaging image for your company or start-up. Yesterday’s fancies are today’s trends and tomorrow’s standards, and we can keep your business one step ahead of the curve.