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The Power of Publicity: The PR Successes of blip.tv

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Journalists often focus on situations where companies or organizations unleash a nightmare of bad publicity or consumer dissatisfaction over poorly-considered actions or statements, more commonly known as “PR disasters ”. However, these disasters are truly a minority, and so often, publicists and media relations experts, like Integrate Public Relations, have provided astounding public relations successes to their clients.

A perfect example is the thriving Web TV website: blip.tv.

Blip.tv, founded in 2005, has always focused on the best original series of the web, taking the unprecedented step of equal profit-sharing from ad revenue with the content producers. However, while working out the kinks of their streaming movie player, these glitches caught the attention of Web celebrity Shamus Young, who criticized some of the problems on his blog “Twenty-Sided.” Given the transient nature of public opinion, blip.tv was in a dangerous spot.

Rather than ignore the words of this single blogger, Mike Hudack, CEO of blip.tv, personally wrote a lengthy email to Mr. Young describing the errors and honestly admitting the faults while promising improvement. So genuinely moved by this gesture, Mr. Young posted the correspondence in full and heartily recommended blip.tv to his fans, praising their straightforward public relations, promises to improve and their full-blown honesty. Blip.tv, by a smart and rarely-duplicated public relations move, cemented their consumer loyalty with thousands of Mr. Young’s readers, and came out the “good guys” in a difficult situation—a true online PR success story.

While illustrating the good sense of Mr. Hudack, this also shows the power of good publicity. With smart public relations, any business can take the cards they have been dealt and turn them into a royal flush.