November 7, 2019 By Integrate Agency

The Power of Integrated Marketing

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baking ingredients

Just like baking a cake, next-level marketing is both art and science

Think about the core ingredients that make up a cake – eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. Each on their own is important and serves a purpose. But it’s only when you use them together as an organized whole that you can truly create a masterful confection everyone can enjoy.

Marketing works the same way! Sure, you could engage in some essential public relations efforts or begin a strong pay-per-click campaign, but when you begin to assemble the pieces together, you create a unified approach that can reach a wide range of people – and meet your company’s goals with ease.

A custom home designed and built by Frankel Building Group

So, when Frankel Building Group, a one-stop-shop for designing and building the finest luxury custom homes in Houston, approached us for help growing their business, we pulled out our recipe book. We thoughtfully curated up one of our finest integrated marketing specialties, combining public relations, paid media, SEO, and web design. Mouths around the office watered at this immense opportunity to showcase the talents of both Frankel and Integrate.

Our objective was simple: create a unified approach to reach consumers with a consistent message across multiple platforms.

Assemble the Ingredients

Let’s begin by taking a look at the key components that make up any truly integrated marketing campaign. It’s important we understand exactly why each one is important.

Public Relations:

A good pubic relations team will help your company tell its story. This includes crafting messages, identifying the right audiences and securing media placements that reach your audience exactly where and when they want to hear about you. At Integrate, we utilize our media relationships and spend countless hours detailing tactics, opportunities, and initiatives designed to get your brand heard.

Web Design:

We don’t mean just taking a popular WordPress theme and adding your colors to it. We’re talking about creating fully customized templates that provides clients an easy way to continuously update and utilize their website based on their unique needs and goals.

It’s 2019. Your website is the face of your business on the Internet. Your company deserves a powerful, conversion-focused and results-driven website that serves as a foundation for your business, your brand and all your marketing efforts.

Paid Media

It’s essential that you develop the best strategy for paid media, especially in terms of budget, tactics, and channels. These can include pay-per-click advertising through search engines, paid advertising through social media channels, retargeting campaigns, display advertising, native advertising, partnerships, and other online tactics.

Organic / SEO

As important as paid campaigns can be for your ROI, organic search still rules the internet. Your business must implement a winning SEO strategy based upon what’s relevant to Google, which means your company needs content with context to win hearts, minds, and eyeballs. You also can’t “set it and forget it,” as you must monitor changes to search algorithms and pursue design recommendations on how to improve search engine rankings. All of this is fundamental to crafting sophisticated insights about the SEO performance of your website.

hands kneading dough

Hard work goes into combining our ingredients

The Preparation

Now that you’ve assembled your ingredients, it’s time to get cooking. Each ingredient compliments the other to enhance your efforts and therefore maximize results. Thus, we must first review the goals and determine the message the company wants to tell and who their audience is. These are your tools, and you can’t begin mixing until they’re in place.

Web design, SEO, and content experts set the tone and brand image for the rest of the ingredients. This team determines the best way to convey the message. The verbiage they develop is used by other teams when pitching and creating social/digital ads.

Public relations also targets the company’s stakeholders but through a different means – this ingredient serves to communicate key messages by identifying publications and relevant reporters that will reach the target audiences. Simultaneously, paid media crafts content that exemplifies the brand and attracts visitors online. Both teams match up the company’s messaging to grow its following.

From here, paid search targets audiences that have shown interest in the brand. They utilize social media channels and other digital campaigns to drive continued activity to the company’s site.

Thanks to backlinks in online articles secured by the PR team and consistent site visits through emails, social media, and paid search, SEO can achieve results that advance a business’ search engine ranking.

All of this mixing helps a brand to further its reach – but we can only provide the company lasting growth by properly baking it all together.

The Baking

We’ve assembled our ingredients and shown how they should be combined, but we can’t see real results until we bake. The entire process starts with content. The copy created for Frankel’s website set the tone for everything else – like setting the oven temperature and baking time. From the language used with paid social and pay per click to the messages used when communicating with reporters, quality content confirms the brand’s tone and image as that of a luxurious and high-end design firm.

A Frankel Building Group Custom Home Kitchen

FBG Kitchen

One of the most recent creations we concocted for Frankel was a feature piece in House Beautiful. While the average person might just see a glossy feature article showcasing the beautiful work Frankel’s team did, the true story is the added SEO value. House Beautiful is a national online consumer magazine with a Unique Visitors per Month tally of 3,830,709. When Frankel’s website was hyperlinked in the article, it boosted Frankel’s profile to search engines and therefore increases its ranking.

Our paid social team saw an opportunity with a piece of coverage we secured in PaperCity Magazine. The article highlighted a Frankel-designed house now owned by a Houston superstar, a perfect way to leverage the piece to reach a broader Houston audience.

PaperCity Headline Describing a Frankel Building Group Custom Home

PaperCity headline highlighting FBG work

The Tasty Rewards of Integrated Marketing Success

Since Frankel Building Group tasked us with increasing their business through integrated marketing, Integrate Agency has secured:

By gathering the right ingredients and a meticulous and thoughtful mixing of your marketing tactics, you really can have your cake and eat it, too.

Want to learn how you can bake the perfect cake for your business? Contact Integrate Agency today!