October 10, 2013 By blogging

The Great Duffin Debate

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It’s the latest pastry craze – combining two delicious treats into one, and then combining the name to go with it…much like celebrity couples. So far, we have the cronut and townie, but now Starbucks has blessed the world with the duffin, or so it would seem.

For something so delicious and delightful, there has been a surprising amount of backlash, as the Today Show reports. Created by Starbucks UK, many Brits are speaking out against the duffin, claiming Starbucks stole it from a smaller local bakery, Bea’s of Bloomsbury, which has been making the duffin for years. The debate even has its own scandalous hashtag, #duffingate.

Not only are craft pastries taking the baking world by storm; it seems to be quite the lucrative industry. The social media coverage of the issue has caused the story to blow up all over the world. Even Bea of Bea’s of Bloombury admitted to not being too terribly upset at Starbucks for serving the pastry, but her social media fans came to her defense almost instantaneously. They all want the world to know that Starbucks did not invent the duffin, and want to give Bea the credit she deserves.

Every day the team at Integrate Public Relations sees the power of social media, and this case is no different. This is a victory for small businesses everywhere, and thanks to social media and the clever use of a hashtag, it is also national news.

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