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The Force Awakens… The Market

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By now, you have probably noticed that Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the most highly anticipated movie of the year, is coming to theaters this week.  How could you not?  It’s EVERYWHERE! Even if you haven’t seen a trailer for the film (which movie-goers have been waiting over 30 years for), there’s no escaping the endless amount of co-branding that is flooding the nation.  From cosmetic lines to the automobile industry to restaurants, it seems as if every company, big and small, is trying to tap into the force of the pop culture phenomenon, and who could blame them?  Before you catch The Force Awakens at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema this weekend, check out a few of our favorite brands that are riding the coat tails of the Star Wars franchise.

Covergirl Star Wars Collection

No, this isn’t more make up for Halloween.  Continuing with the movie-theme after its 2013 Hunger Games collection, Covergirl recently launched a new Star Wars collection encouraging users to “unleash the light within or dare to discover your dark side.”  Unleash whichever side you’d like with lipstick and nail colors such as “Nemesis,” “Mutant,” and “Speed of Light.”  We’re not exactly sure what “colors” these shades imply, but they might just bring out your inner Jedi.

Hewlett Packard

In an attempt to steal the force from Apple’s Mac, HP came out with a special edition notebook, which comes with rare preloaded Star Wars content from wallpapers to screen savers.  Also, the exterior features a pre-scuffed “battle-worn design” to make your laptop look like it’s been through a battle at the Death Star.  For a retail price of $699.99, and an extra $40 for a Darth Vader wireless mouse, you too, can surf the web with Star Wars.  However, the speed of light bandwidth might cost extra.

Pottery Barn Kids

Popular furniture store, Pottery Barn, wouldn’t dream about missing out on the Star Wars trend.  Instead, the retailer is trying to get your kids to dream about it.  For the price of $4,000, your child can sleep in a replica of Hans Solo’s spacecraft, complete with knobs and handles.  Children do tend to grow out of themed-bedding, but excitement over The Force Awakens is proof that no one will ever outgrow the Star Wars franchise.

The Washington Football Team

Pending the legal battle over the name “Redskins,” the Washington football team has been one the most talked about teams in America.  Despite your stance on the name, there is no doubt Washington has been highly criticized over the last year and a half.  To retort this newly found anger, the marketing team for Washington has decided to co-brand with Star Wars.  Now, you can get koozies, bottle openers, key chains and other paraphernalia with both Star Wars characters and the Washington Redskins’ logo on it.  People love Star Wars, so why not let some of that good standing rub off on the team?  We’re not sure how this marketing idea will turn out, but if you love Star Wars and the Washington football team, you’re in luck.


There was never a doubt the new Star Wars film would be well branded.  After all, The Force Awakens is the first film of the Star Wars franchise to be produced by Disney, arguably the most well-recognized brand in the world.  However, even though Disney has spent nearly $19.3 million on on-air TV spots to promote the film, it falls dramatically short of co-branding TV dollars for the film, which totals to some $47 million – something to think about when the next branch of the Star Wars franchise is released.