April 23, 2013 By blogging

“Texas. It’s Like a Whole Other Country.”

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I have learned a lot since moving to Texas a few months ago and have since compiled an extensive list of two whole points to let you in on all of this newfound knowledge.

The second point is Texans are serious about Texas. As a Mississippian, I learned very young to take a joke about where I’m from. (The “joke” I hear most is usually about us marrying our cousins; FYI that is actually Alabama, not Mississippi.) But after moving here, I quickly learned not to joke about Texas, blue bonnets or the rodeo because certain things are sacred. Texans never joke about their state.

It’s a little overwhelming at first, but I soon began to understand. Texas has a diverse culture with amazing people, an absolutely beautiful countryside and is on the rise for all the right reasons. You can’t help but get a little serious about it!

Last week after the heartbreaking explosion in West, Texans did something to be proud of. They gave so much to their fellow Texans that the Red Cross is asking folks to stop donating. Texans literally gave until they were told to stop and yet they still keep giving.

I’m happy to say, I’m now a proud Texan!

Houstonians are particularly serious. You’re serious about food, with nationally recognized chefs and restaurants taking top honors.  This is the city for young professionals and the number one relocation spot in the nation. Recently Houston was proclaimed better than Austin and I half expected there to be a parade.

So Texans are serious about Texas, Houstonians are serious about Houston and I now understand why. While I will always be a Mississippi girl at heart, I appreciate Texas and all the great things it has to offer and the extraordinary and serious people who call this place home!