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Boozy Marketing Tips: Increase Foot Traffic to your Tasting Room

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Boozy Marketing Tips: Increase Foot Traffic to your Tasting Room

The scene for craft breweries and wineries is booming, which means the competition is fierce for tasting rooms, whether they offer wine, spirits or locally crafted beer. In a market that is quickly becoming more saturated, how can you drive more foot traffic to your tasting room?

It takes a combination of marketing and creativity to draw customers in from their busy lives. Whether you follow time-tested strategies, jump on current trends or invent new ideas, a unique approach will help your tasting room stand out.

Inspire customer engagement with an edgy #hashtag

Give your customers an inspiring slogan that they can use when they visit your tasting room, buy your booze, or share it with their friends, like Coke’s #ShareACoke. Choose a hashtag that conveys wit, humor or playfulness, and make it flexible. Some phrases lend themselves to a variety of situations or even have double meanings. The catchier the phrase, the better it will track on social media. Use this hashtag in your marketing efforts, then challenge your customers to be creative with the hashtag through contests and live events.

Give them a glimpse behind the scenes

With social media, customers have more access to companies than ever before. They are familiar with advertising slogans, logos and products, visiting profile pages and writing reviews online. But what they don’t often get to see is what goes on behind the scenes. Whether you offer photos and videos on your websites, sneak peeks on social media channels or a physical tour, offer your customers a look behind the scenes. They’ll appreciate learning the process for making wine and spirits, and they’ll come away with a renewed interest in the brand, sharing their experience with people they know.

Partner with local attractions or charities

If one company can make an impact with marketing, imagine what two can do. Join forces with a local nonprofit organization, area attraction or respected charity to put on a joint event or raise funds for the cause. Every neighborhood has something unique to offer, and some of the smaller attractions are hidden gems. You can partner with history centers, museums, art galleries, or sports venues to create unique experiences. Holding a fundraiser for a nonprofit or charity is guaranteed to attract new and existing customers alike, if coordinated correctly. People will appreciate your commitment to paying it forward, and they’ll respond with enthusiasm when they talk about your tasting room.

Mix it up with special events like trivia, paint nights, yoga and more!

The larger social media networks become, the more people crave fun and intimate social interaction. Small, intimate events are on trend for tasting rooms and breweries. People are flocking to paint nights with wine flights, trivia nights at breweries with a live D.J., and meet-ups centered around a common interest, like yoga or crafting. By hosting these events at your tasting room, you can draw people in and show them a good time – all while giving them a taste of your products.

To make the most of your efforts, use a combination of social media and traditional marketing. Be authentic, focus on your company’s strengths and keep your audience in mind. Then take your game up a notch to impress customers with tasting events that are enjoyable and on-trend

You can sweeten the deal with extended happy hours, tapping parties, free samples or limited behind the scenes tours. The unique offerings and special perks will attract new customers, inspire word-of-mouth marketing and keep your fans coming back.