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Since we’re constantly harping on the fact that technology changes each week, let’s discuss two breakthrough tools that debuted this week and how they can help you and your clients.

Google GoMo “More Clicks, More customers, more conversions”

Each day, thousands of consumers make purchasing decisions based on companies’ websites.  With a huge percentage of those accessing websites via mobile devices it is more important than ever for companies to design a pages that are mobile-friendly.

“Consumers are 61% unlikely to return to a site that’s not mobile friendly, while consumer engagement increases 85% for websites designed for mobile devices,” claims Jesse Haines, of Google Mobile Ads Marketing. Coincidentally, thanks to Google, mobilizing your website has never been easier.

With the Launch of GoMo –short for Go Mobile – yesterday, business websites are  easily optimized for smartphone users. Users can begin with the GoMoMeter, a tool that shows how your current site looks on a smartphone. In addition, it provides a free report with personalized recommendations tailored to how your business can build a more mobile-friendly experience.

If you decide that this is an avenue that you would like to pursue, Google is ready to help with a list of vendors that will help you connect with the right developer to help you go mobile. Businesses that should really consider making the leap are those that are heavily driven by physical contact with customers such as food, retail, and personal service – laundry, gyms, etc. These are the types of establishments that consumers may make a locating or purchasing decisions based on “on-the-go” accessibility.

Google’s helpful video for showing you how to use the new GoMo service

Twitter Top News

Developers have been attempting to graph and analyze the data provided by Twitter since its inception and significant breakthrough may have been made today as Twitter quietly rolled our their “Top News” section.

When users use the Twitter Search feature, posted as a separate bar from “top tweets,” Top News will feature a specific story or in the case of a person search, a specific Twitter handle. While the feature is only accessible to select users it should become more widely available through the course of the next few months and the information it could provide would be invaluable. Top News will aggregate – in the typical , Twitter algorithm that is secret unbeknownst to curious tech outsiders – a top story for each search query. Research is something that all marketers can build upon and what does and does not qualify as top news will be something that those looking to position their brands as industry experts and leaders should take close note of. While still in its infancy, the project has the potential to change Twitter for breaking news into a reliable search query yielding one result that most will click on will drive more in depth coverage spot.