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Taking On West Texas

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They say that exercising releases endorphins, altering the brain’s chemistry and inducing a feeling of happiness that is more commonly known as “runners high.” While we may not be sweating it out in the gym, the team at Integrate is definitely feeling awesome, thanks to the amazing work we’ve been able to provide for the newest Orangetheory Fitness locations we’ve taken on since the fitness franchise became our client in 2015.

Having managed the social media and PR for five Houston Orangetheory Fitness locations for over a year now, our team has developed an innate understanding of the needs and goals of the franchise. With a unique fitness program, Integrate has worked hard to cultivate a strong presence for each OTF location in a bustling market of boutique fitness facilities. Through our public relations services, Integrate garnered over 100 million media impressions on behalf of Orangetheory in our first eight months of work, and helped execute creative brand partnerships, membership engagement ideas and increased engagement through the management of each locations’ social media channels. On top of that, our team managed two studio launches that ended up exceeding the projected membership goals.

Thanks to all of these results-driven and well-deserved wins, Integrate has expanded its client relationship with Orangetheory Fitness through West Texas, with the team adding the Lubbock and Midland franchises to our roster as of July 1. Utilizing a strategy that focuses on brand awareness and engagement within the community via ambassadors, social media, non-profit partnerships and traditional media relations, we’ve seen outstanding results that are already surpassing expectations.

Similar to our work with the Houston locations, Integrate was brought on in Midland and Lubbock to manage public relations and social media efforts, as well as to create and execute advertising and marketing initiatives. To kick things off in these markets, we launched a Penny Burn Competition, partnering the Orangetheory Fitness gyms with local charities and donating a penny for every calorie burned during the week of July 18 – 24.

In just our first three weeks of working with the new locations, Integrate secured an online video segment and story in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, covering the Penny Burn Competition that was kicked off this past week. The local NBC station,KCBD – TV spotlighted the competition in its morning TV segment, which ran online and was picked up by the affiliate stations in Amarillo, Waco, Midland and Tyler, Texas, as well as the affiliates in Lawton, Oklahoma, and Lake Charles, Louisiana, opening the franchise up to some great exposure in the surrounding markets.

The Midland launch has also been a bona-fide success, thanks to a TV segment on KMID – TV, the local ABC affiliate, which ran the story online, as well. The Midland Lifestyle Magazine ran a follow-up story after the launch, and MARC – Midland Association for Retarded Citizens, the local nonprofit that OTF Midland partnered with, also shared the information with its supporters on social media and through internal membership communications, thanks to our efforts. Lastly, we sent post-event photos and donation recaps to media in both markets resulting in even more coverage of the Penny Burn partnerships.

With the team kicking off the relationship by visiting both studios to understand the market, and now keeping up with the West Texas teams through weekly communications via emails and phone calls, in addition to ongoing communication with media in Midland in Lubbock, it’s shaping up to be a busy summer in the Integrate office. We’re not complaining though, at least it’s not the gym!