June 17, 2015 By integrate

T-Rex Terror

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Londoners were a bit confused on their daily commutes last Monday. A dead Tyrannosaurus Rex was seen on the back of a flatbed throughout the major areas of London.

But don’t worry, the Jurassic Park movie hasn’t suddenly come to life. This was all publicity for National Geographic Channel’s television event, Jurassic Week, and their new show, T. Rex Autopsy.

I, personally, am in awe of all things dinosaur. As a longtime member of the Houston Museum of Natural Science and a huge fan of the new Morian Hall of Paleontology, I think dinosaurs are one of the most fascinating sets of creatures. Throughout time, they have baffled and enchanted viewers, and this stunt has proven again that dinos will always capture the audience’s attention and, literally, stop traffic.

National Geographic teamed up with Premier Communications to make sure this was a public relations hit. The T. Rex caused quite a stir on social media, with people tweeting and instagramming their close encounters with this dino.

Now most companies don’t have the advertising and public relations budget to send a T. Rex through the city streets, but there is always room to be creative, no matter your budget! Coming up with unique ideas is integral to reaching new audiences. Everyone already knows NatGeo, so Premier Communications could have just done standard PR tactics, but they knew something different was needed to get a fresh audience.

The Integrate Rockstars are always brainstorming new ideas, tactics and concepts to create the best, most responsive campaign for our clients.  As the newest intern on the team, I am excited to be a part of these campaigns. In my first few weeks, I have already learned new ways to approach social media and public relations. In the coming weeks, I will be doing media drops, preparing for events and pinning to my heart’s content in order to build awareness among our clients’ audiences. Hopefully, I won’t run into any dinosaurs on the streets of Houston – the traffic is already bad enough!