April 8, 2015 By integrate

SXSW Puzzles

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SXSW may have been months ago, but we’re already preparing for the 2016 conference…and in the meantime, we’re bringing some of the fun we had while we were there in March back for you!

Engaging sessions on the latest trends in social media, amazing speakers, free food, open bars, live entertainment, and the real grumpy cat are just a few of the reasons wh tens of thousand of people fill the streets of Austin, Texas each year for South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive and why Integrate has made sure to have a presence year after year. That being said, there is only so much room for the 84,385 attendees, which, in turn, results in long lines, everywhere you look.

From past experience, we know that without proper preparation, you could quite possibly spend the majority (if not all) of your SXSW experience waiting in line.

Always one to jump on an opportunity, Integrate wanted to find a way to help pass the time and also market ourselves to SXSW attendees. Our rockstar graphic designer, Cait, created a series of puzzles including Word Search, Sudoku, and Spot the Difference that would be entertaining to fellow attendees waiting in line, while also launching our own marketing campaign positioning Integrate as the “missing puzzle piece” in a business’ success.

With SXSW prices going up in a month, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the incredible conference…and the lines that come along with it. It’s not too early to sign up and it’s certainly not too late to enjoy the fun of March’s SXSW Interactive. Feel free to download the puzzles and take a stab at them! We’ll even honor the same prizes as we did at SXSW and the first person to upload a photo of their completed puzzle to Instagram and tag @IntegrateTeam will get a selfie stick. Good luck!