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Sweet Sweet Success!

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Did you know that each person in the US consumes an average of 70 lbs of sugar a year? Yea… we were pretty shocked by that number too.

And, with all of the sweetener products available on the market today, Americans are still looking for a substitute that tastes great and doesn’t put nasty chemicals into their bodies.

A little success story for you…

In December, Integrate was hired by a client to help launch a new stevia sweetener using ONLY social media (it was a toughy…). Their product is the only stevia sweetener without a licorice aftertaste so the goal was (and still is) to position their sweetener as the best tasting stevia sweetener out on the market.

To meet this goal, the first thing integratePR did was develop an effective online communications campaign using both traditional public relations methods and strategic social media strategies.

We developed a Facebook page to serve as the launch point of the communication and an FBML landing page was designed that included a form to get a free sample of the product after becoming a fan.

Integrate’s research team searched in Google AdWords to find that more people were searching for information about New Year’s resolutions and dieting tips (rather than recipes) in early January. We used this information to effectively communicate with our audience.

We used “old school” traditional public relations methods to inform influential food, health and mommy bloggers about the product and available samples and the results were AMAZING.

After only three months, the client gave away over 75,000 samples of the sweetener to Facebook users. The bloggers were all linking to each other, suggesting to each other’s friends, etc. Integrate garnered more than 52,000 active users on their Facebook page; all in all the social media page received over 7,000 likes and nearly 500 users posted feedback on the page.

By proactively using traditional public relations campaigns and social media outlets, the stevia sweetener is now nationally recognized and is being requested by thousands of people, inside and outside of Texas.

Once navigating the landscape we quickly realized that a strong social media base paired with traditional methods was the right match for this client. Through social media we maintained a constant communication with our publics and influencers that served as the foundation of our success.

And, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully, Americans will soon stop consuming so much sugar!