March 8, 2012 By blogging

Surgeries Go Social

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If you’ve been following our Twitter feeds, we’ve had some great conversations during both awards and sports season, when twitter users have taken to live tweeting events. The number of Twitter users who participate in live televised events is staggering, into the 12 million mark.

However, one live event that may have gone unnoticed by the average citizen that does not follow Memorial Herman Northwest Hospital -@houstonhospital – on twitter was the first open heart surgery tweeted live.

With February as American Heart Month, encouraging premature detection, and prevention of Cardiovascular disease, the Memorial Herman team  answered questions about the procedure and developed hashtags such as #MHopenheart in preparation for the event.

“[Heart disease] is the number one cause of death in America, and we wanted to do something in the area of public education” said Dr. Michael Macris, who performed the surgery.

The 57 year old patient voluntarily participated in the Twitter experiment and had the operation performed to remove the blockage of his coronary artery. An estimated four million people across the globe – countries outside of the U.S. included Taiwan, Greece, Brazil, Germany and Lithuania – comprised the audience and the streaming video received over 38,000 views.

Would you be interested in seeing other operations live in the future?