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Super Social Sports

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Tweeting during live events has become one of the best ways to gauge public reaction. With the advent of devices that allow consumers to bypass commercials, “live tweeting” during events allows marketers a new place to engage with their publics in real time. Twitter users have been active during all types of live events: political debates, award shows and sporting events. The top three Tweets-Per-Second Moments clocked in at:

  1. Dec. 9, 2011: Castle in the Sky (25,088 tweets per second) Anime movie Castle in the Sky was televised in Japan
  2. Jan. 8, 2012: Broncos AFC Wildcard Playoff Game (9,420 tweets per second) Tim Tebow’s 80 yard overtime touchdown pass
  3. Aug. 28, 2011: MTV Awards (8,868 tweets per second) Beyonce announcing her pregnancy

With a football game garnering the number two spot, it is no wonder that the Super Bowl XLVI committee in Indianapolis decided to create an entire social media center dedicated to that special Sunday. The command center will be temporary, open from Monday, January 23 through Super Bowl Sunday. Over 20 strategists, analysts and techies will man the center for 15 hours per day!

Logistical directions for the game will be monitored – for example the issue of parking. Ball State University’s Center for Media Design will aid with analytics –If this project runs successfully, perhaps more large events will adopt the “command center” idea.

The Super Bowl regularly clocks in as the most watched American television broadcast of the year and with an average of 111 million viewers, that’s a lot of potential Tweeters! You can follow @SuperBowl for yourself – make sure to catch all of the madness Sunday, February 5, 2012.