November 17, 2011 By blogging

Subtle Changes on Social Channels

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We’re used to technology rolling out their new wares loud and proud but as of late, new changes have been happening rather quietly. Here’s a rundown of a few you might have missed:

Twitter Activity Streams

The list of stories about you, your followers and their posts dubbed the “activity stream” actually debuted in August, and has since been slowly integrated to users across the nation. The activity stream combines the mention and retweet streams into a constant flow of information. The feature will allow users to see a series of tweets on the homepage without having to expand into a side stream.

While the roll out has been slow, we have seen the recent addition and enjoy using it. Have any of you seen it and liked the change?

Facebook Newsfeed Sort

At the top of your Newfeed now, a new tab should read “Sort:.” You are now able to sift through your friends’ posts by choosing to either read highlighted stories or recent stories first. The difference between a highlighted story and a recent story is that highlighted stories will be specific to you. People that are deemed to have a significant relationship with you based on your history of interaction will rate them of higher importance and therefore be Highlighted Stories First. If you would just like to be constantly refreshed of news from the general populace of your cache of friends, choose the Recent Stories First option.

You can switch back and forth between the options, which one will you be using?