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Staying Inspired

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We do a lot of very strange things in our office. I really can’t count the number of times a day I think, “Man, my job is weird.” But that’s what makes it so awesome! We are constantly on our toes and working to stay ahead on the latest trends and tools, so we can remain cutting-edge and innovative.

That creativity is really the most difficult part of my job. Being inspired and creating fresh, fun content on a daily basis is tough. Maybe it’s not hard for Ashley who is constantly coming up with ridiculously cute graphics or for Laura who always has new ideas to make just about anything exciting, but some days it is for me. So to help me stay inspired I’ve come up with a few tricks:

1. Stick with creative people.

If you keep up with us on Facebook, or now even on Snapchat, you know we have moved into a new office. Allie has previously talked about the new office and how she arranged the desks strategically so we can be an integrated team. This is seriously the best way for me to stay creative. I am never out of shouting distance of help. If I get stuck, I just turn to my left and ask (or annoy, depending on how you look at it) Ahna for help. Stick with people who can and will help you out.

2. Have an outlet.

Buzzfeed. Seriously, Buzzfeed. Our office would probably collapse into chaos if Buzzfeed went down. Sometimes you just have to take a break and not think for a while. 15 minutes of “What Kind of Dog are You?” quizzes recharges my brain (Allison and I are both corgis, in case you were wondering). Taking a few minutes of the day to not think about Twitter or Facebook or Yelp is one of the easiest ways for me to not get stuck.  If you feel bogged down, take a step back for a second and look at pictures of adorable animals, trust me on this.

3. Never stop learning.

I’m a big believer in free resources. Did you know that you can download lectures from Harvard, Princeton and more awesome universities for free? Why would you not take advantage of that? There are so many great resources out there to keep you inspired.  Personally, I love TED talks. They’re like bite-size classes in the form of a 20-minute video by someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about their topic. Spend some time on TED.com and I guarantee you will feel creative at the end of it. I have a few favorites but I highly recommend, “If I should have a daughter” by Sarah Kay. It doesn’t have anything to do with Public Relations or Social Media, but it is about storytelling and it always leaves me inspired.

And if all else fails, just think…