March 24, 2015 By integrate

Spring Cleaning Tips For The Office

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Spring has nearly sprung and, with that, one thought pops into my mind… spring cleaning.

As we prepare to pack up our winter coats, ditch the Valentine’s Day chocolate and get our home spic and span; make sure to set aside some time to organize your office as well. By doing a spring-cleaning at work, you will find yourself entering the upcoming season with ease. Since the majority of offices are routinely cleaned, I am sharing a few tips on areas that are most likely overlooked.

Prioritize. Only keep what is necessary at arms length. Too much clutter on/in your desk can be frustrating, distracting and get in the way. I suggest keeping any current project information in your desk and storing anything that will not be worked on today in a file cabinet.

Clear It Out. Clearing out your desktop and emails may be the most daunting task of all but one of the most helpful. By tackling this task through stages, you will realize that it wasn’t that bad and definitely worth it. First tackling your desktop: find any forms and documents that are no longer useful and determine what folders you need and sort everything into its proper place, even if that means the trash can (including photographs and screen shots). Finish this off by doing a routine back up on information.  When it comes to organizing your emails, you have three options: keep in your inbox, file away or delete.  Typically, I like to only keep what is currently needed in my inbox, using the inbox as a reminder of action items. If there is anything in my inbox that is something that I want to read at a later date, I have a separate folder for this. And then anything that I don’t need, but want to just be able to access later, I archive (thank you gmail for unlimited storage!) and file anything that I want to be able to quickly access later. By following these steps, you will realize that a well-organized computer can save valuable time in a workday. 

*This is a great time to also clean your keyboard, mouse and computer screen as they accumulate dust and make up.

File Don’t Pile. Filling is one of those jobs that everyone puts off. Well, the time has come for you to attack that ever-growing pile of papers, magazine and newspapers. You will find that by properly filing away papers it will be much easier to find them when needed. Colorful file folders help to make this daunting task a bit more fun!

Stock Up.  There are few things worse than running out of supplies in the middle of a workday, at that crunch moment that all agencies face. Make a list of all products that will be needed in the upcoming months and order them now instead of waiting for the last possible second. While you are in the supply closet, check all of the pens, markers, highlighters, etc. to see which work and which are just taking up space. Make sure that everything is in its designated space, such as paper clips, folders and rubber bands.

You Either Love It Or You Leave It. Whenever food is brought into the office at Integrate it’s either gone in a blink of an eye, or will sit there collecting dust and attracting ants until someone tosses it out. This spring, we’re committing to taking a few minutes to go through the snack drawers and tossing of anything that has expired or won’t be eaten once a week. Also, we’re going to make sure to toss out the leftover food containers in the refrigerator on a weekly basis, and suggest you do the same!

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Written By Alyssa Austin