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Spotlight on Vine: Love it or Hate it?

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Social media lovers such as ourselves love it when a new app comes onto the scene. Some are here and gone faster than you can blink, but after experimenting with it a bit this week, we think the new video-based app Vine is here to stay. Unlike Instagram, Vine allows users to capture and share six-second video clips through a simple process on their phones. As we ask our friends, family and clients what they think about shooting, editing and sharing these mini films, we’ve heard both good and bad feedback. Here, we wanted to share our three favorite and least favorite things about using Vine, and also get your opinion. Vine: love it, or hate it?

Things we love about Vine:

1. Instant replay: You never have to click anything to have these videos continue to loop, making your experience all the more simplistic.

2. Easy search: Finding your Twitter contacts and even just searching for your friends is easy with their search function. In addition, they have a feature that breaks out clips into categories in case (like us) you aren’t following that many people just yet and your feed is a bit boring.

3. Shooting is simple: Yes, it’s intimidating to shoot a video, but Vine takes care of the hard part with their tutorial that literally walks you through exactly how to create and share your first clip. Easy enough!

Things we don’t love about Vine:

1. Sound: Although having sound is what makes the videos that much better, the audio often comes out choppy and in poor quality. Also, there is no option to add or remove sounds altogether, which makes some videos that don’t really need sound seem awkward.

2. Sharing across accounts: Vine users can’t interact with each other inside the app apart from commenting, which makes things difficult when wanting to tell your followers about something new you’ve posted. The Twitter sync isn’t completely accurate either, and when you share a Vine video, you can’t do it across multiple accounts, ultimately making it difficult for businesses to use this new technology.

3. Front-facing shots: Now that the iPhone has the front facing camera, Vine should get on board. This could allow for dialogue or footage of the videographer and other interesting concepts (remember The Blair Witch Project?).

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