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Spotify and Facebook

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As is custom when Social Media giant Facebook updates its interface, several hundred users find the changes “appalling” and swear off of the site by posting their disdain. In the past week however, one change to the page layout that has sparked many online conversations is the edition of the Spotify playlist. The Swedish music retailer provides a free application that garnered attention earlier this year by offering their services on an invitation only basis.

Its users have now been upset in two fold ways. The first of which is the linking of the Spotify app to the new Facebook “mini-feed” feature. While sites promoting music and even individual artists are capitalizing on this by posting their own playlists, detailing to your friends each song you listen has “clogged” many users feeds. Today,, blogged a post containing directions on “How to stop Spotify from posting songs you listen to on Facebook” though it seems that word has not gotten around to the entire Internet just yet.

Users also became upset by the fact that users without a pre-existing Spotify account will now need a Facebook account to sign up for the streaming service. Spotify CEO Daniel Eck; a prominent speaker at last week’s highly orchestrated and media-oriented f8 conference resolutely stands behind the decision stating “As most of our users are already social and…connected to Facebook, it seemed logical to integrate…we’ve created a simple and seamless social experience.”

Twitter usage to voice opinions on both subjects was rampant with a sampling of the less colorful tweets listed below:

“Not interested #Spotify and #Facebook, in every song every person listens to. This is why headphones were invented”

“I wonder how much money @Spotify gets from Facebook to self-sabotage their relationship with their customers. Very sad.”

Users may feel positively or negatively about the corporate merger but a recent TheNextWeb article stated that Spotify has gained 1 million new users since the September 23rd integration, proving the genius of the collaboration.