August 12, 2014 By integrate

Socializing Inside and Outside of Work

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At Integrate we pride ourselves on not only being completely devoted to our clients, but also working with individuals who we consider friends, not just coworkers.  With that being said it can sometimes be hard to find places to socialize and organizations to be involved with outside of work.  Our team has a wide variety of interests and each of us are involved in organizations that allow us to bring unique ideas and opportunities to the table for our clients and present fun, interactive networking opportunities so we are able to meet other Houstonians.

Four of our team members (myself included) are on kickball teams. These teams are a fun way for us to meet new people, network and also decompress after a long day at the office. Mary joined a kickball team shortly after moving to H-town two years ago and still participates each season. Ahna, Kaitlyn and I joined a team earlier this summer for the opportunity to meet other young professionals and for some good, old-fashioned fun!

Even though we all realize the importance of having lives outside of the office, we’re still devoted to our work and shamelessly promote our clients at kickball games! (Check out Mary’s kickball team sporting their Lone Star Cab koozies)!

Although we participate in fun outings, such as kickball games, and other organizations, like PRSA and Junior League, our bonds with our coworkers is what gets us through our day. We keep our company culture alive and fun with daytrips, adventures and offsite meetings and activities.

Our open-plan office space makes it easier for us to interact with each other on a regular basis and, in my opinion, has led to increased teamwork and a stronger personal bond with coworkers. According to the Houston Chronicle, an open office leads to increased collaboration and can lead to business innovation. I’m proud to call the Integrate team my family and am excited to see what exciting, interactive ideas we come up with next!

Having a job that you enjoy going to everyday and working alongside people you appreciate and respect really makes all the difference when it comes to work! If you’re lucky enough to work with your besties too, share your photos with us on Twitter and Facebook!

Written by: Julia Parsons