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Social Media Tips From The Pros

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Ah social media, there’s no doubt that it’s made a tremendous impact on our culture and has been a defining factor for our generation. Look around you and you will find people of all ages scrolling, tapping and buzzing away. Because social media displays our world through filters and hashtags it’s sometimes easy to forget what your online persona really says about you. Here are some of our social media tips for making sure that your online presence represents the kind of person that you want to be publicly known for.

Stay Professional
Think before you post and stick to “tea party etiquette.” That means try to stay away from politics, religion and anything construed as vulgar or possibly offensive. Now, those rules can be smudged a little, but we suggest sticking to them for the most part.

But not too professional…
Don’t put on a façade. Nothing screams “phony” more than someone who only posts industry articles. Show your personality and your fun side without crossing any lines. Be yourself and don’t try to make yourself look like someone you’re not.

Don’t hide
A red flag typically pops up when someone has their social media profiles on private. When we see that we typically wonder what they’re hiding and then imagine something worse than it probably is. This rule is especially important if you plan on working, or currently work, in a position where you deal with social media.

Flaunt it
The times are a’ changing so go ahead and put your Twitter and Instagram handles on your resume if you feel so inclined. Show off what you’re proud of! Just make sure your online persona fits with the first two tips in this post.

Network! Network! Network!
Follow professionals that you idolize, talk to people with similar interest and use social media as a networking tool. Follow your favorite bloggers on Twitter, ask to connect with the cool journalist you met that one time and follow places where you would like to work. Getting your name out there and making connections is a great thing and social media has made it too easy to not utilize.

Use these tips as a general outline for your online presence and you’ll be pretty set the next time someone “creeps” on you. Do you have any additional tips for using social media? Leave us a comment below!