June 29, 2011 By blogging

Social Media Helps Businesses Grow

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Today’s rapidly-evolving, interconnected world needs businesses willing to move with the trends. To stay relevant in the age of social networking, many companies have embraced web 2.0 philosophies with impressive results.

We stumbled upon Emerson Salon, which provides an exciting example of the power of social media relations. A hair salon in Seattle, Emerson’s co-owners completely redesigned it in 2008 to focus on the power of social media and had to share. They recognized that the old-fashioned “brick-and-mortar” was not enough to draw customers in an age focused on instant communication and online shopping. By building their clientele through Facebook, Twitter, and a compelling and fun company blog, the salon saw an unbelievable 75% of their business come from customers who heard about them through these social media outlets. Emerson Salon not only draws customers in through their online presence, but retains them with exciting promotional offers, tweets to their clients, and the creation of a true community, not just a business. By engaging with their customers in this powerful online medium, Emerson Salon projects an accessible image while maintaining a focus on their high quality of service.

While the Emerson Salon is a shining example of the power of the new media for businesses, any business could benefit equally from a fun and interactive online presence. As a company uniquely positioned with a focus on public relations and online communication, you know that we LOVED this example of building business through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, forums, and chat rooms to build their name, draw in new customers, and retain existing clientele.