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Social Media Ramadan

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Marketers know that it is extremely important to be culturally sensitive, which is why the ultra-conservative Middle East remains a tough market to reach. However, while many may see their traditional views as a barrier to new technologies, it may be surprising to see that this year many brands are putting a social media spin on the month long celebration of Ramadan.

While the Islamic celebration itself is a month of corporal fasting which reaps many sawab (rewards), the following social media campaigns have managed to successfully intermingle the characteristics of Ramadan with new media techniques.

Renault and the Gulf Cooperation Council are currently sponsoring a Facebook campaign to give away a Renault Duster for the photo that bestcaptures the spirit of Ramadan.

du is the second largest telecommunications provide in the UAE. Last year their campaign celebrating Ramadan generated 15,000+ unique Facebook fans, which they hope to surpass in the coming season. By embracing religion – something that many American brands shy away from – they are able to generate a significant amount of traction to the page, as in the example below.

Ramadan is typically a time of heavy religious programming through which Islamic scholars broadcast their messages. It is impressive to see communicators who are doing the double duty of maintaining cultural relevance while at the same time promoting their brand.

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