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Social Media News Flash!

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Well it’s Friday…no we won’t sing you Rebecca Black’s viral hit…but we will bring you up to speed on the exciting news out there in the digital world. We definitely have some interesting stories to share with you!

1)   April 16th Declared Foursquare Day

That’s right, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City Declared tomorrow to be Foursquare Day. New York actually became the 13th state to recognize the day…who knew? Bloomberg stopped by the Foursquare office yesterday in NYC and presented Foursquare founders with a proclamation declaring the day. Foursquare Day got its start after fans took to Twitter and campaigned for a ‘Foursquare Day’. The choice of date is actually quite important. Users decided that since 4 squared is 16, Foursquare Day must be 4/16!

2)   The Campaign Trail Hits YouTube

Potential candidates for the 2012 presidential election have already begun to officially announce their plans to run for office. One of the big announcements this week came from Republican Mitt Romney. The announcement wasn’t the only big news; Romney’s platform was as well. Romney chose to post a video on YouTube on Monday announcing that he was forming a committee to explore a bid for the presidency in the upcoming election. He also proceeded to tweet Obama challenging his plans for the economy. Social media is already a core of the upcoming campaign…and the election isn’t even for another year and a half!

3)   Wii Want to Play Too

Rumors are swirling about the upcoming Wii 2. Nintendo has not made a new console since the Wii released in 2006. Since that time, Nintendo has enjoyed its rank as number one selling console, however with Microsoft’s new Kinect powered Xbox 360, that rank has been challenged. Rumors say Nintendo will release an HD second generation of the Wii sometime this summer, possibly at the E3 Conference in Los Angeles. Little is known about the second-generation console…even the name is a mystery. But gamers alike agree it will be more powerful than even the latest Xbox 360. We’re not big gamers here at integratePR, but hey who doesn’t love the Wii Fitness???

Those are some of the biggest stories on the web right now. Be sure to check in with our Facebook page for links to more exciting stories throughout the day and into the weekend. And speaking of the weekend…begin your Friday countdown! Enjoy the time off, after a crazy week here at integrate, we know we will!