June 28, 2012 By blogging

Social media makes social issues matter

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In today’s world of the 8-second window of spreading your message, when a social issue enters into the realm of consciousness, do people care to share their opinions more openly because of social media? Take today’s Obamacare health reform as an example. As the story broke, you may have noticed an above average amount of comments about the decision across social media platforms. As social media professionals we rely on the fact that ordinary citizens can be brand ambassadors, sharing our content with their own circles through “citizen journalism”. People have opinions and are willing to share them.

However, as seen above, the key for those disseminating a brand message is to make sure that you provide all of the facts to your audience. While it is important to get your message out, it is even more important to be able to translate these feelings and thoughts into real, tangible actions. While social media continues to assist people in sharing their opinions, it is important for those sharing information to do their due diligence and take responsibility for each and every post.