June 9, 2011 By blogging

Social Media Helps the Search

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We here at integratePR are constantly bringing up the continually important role social media is playing in our lives. Beyond the simple networking for social and business purposes, it has been a network of shared information, bringing content to people all over the world.

We’ve previously talked about the role social media played in Osama Bin Laden’s death, or more recently the role it played in Shaq’s retirement, or Rep. Anthony Weiner’s scandal. Currently, it is playing a very important role in the life of a young college student.

20-year-old Indiana University student Lauren Spierer has been missing since early Friday morning of last week. Rather than sit by, her friends have taken to social media to try and find her.

They’ve developed a Twitter account called @NewsOnLaurenS and began to reach out to major news organizations like CNN or the Indianapolis Star asking for help on finding Lauren and getting her story out there.

The account now has almost 10,000 followers and has sent out more than 300 tweets since Sunday. Through the account they have sent followers updates, digital flyers with photos, organized search parties, etc.

They have also taken to Facebook to set up an event to spread word of Lauren, which is being attended by 126,000 people. They’ve also made a page called find. Lauren, which has been liked by over 20,000 people.

The story has been picked up by several news organizations including Fox and ABC, and celebrities like Miranda Lambert have lent a helping hand by tweeting about Lauren.

It is a great effort and though Lauren has not yet been found, no one can say that her friends are not doing everything they can to find her. Through social media they have made sure that her story is known and that people continue to search for her and spread the news of her disappearance.

We are truly amazed by the efforts and the wide outreach they have. We hope Lauren is found soon and in the meantime applaud her friends for their effective use of social media to help find her.