November 9, 2012 By blogging

Social Media: Giving a Voice to Voters

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This Tuesday, two of the biggest PR campaigns in the United States came to an end when Barack Obama was elected president of the U.S. for another term. But what is interesting is not the ways that these two campaigns used social media, but rather how the followers of these campaigns were engaged via social media.

If you searched #Obama or #Romney on election night, you would have been overwhelmed by the amount of people tweeting about the two presidential candidates. From funny memes to serious statuses about issues, it seems as though almost everyone in America had something to say about the election on social media. People seemed to be coming out of the woodwork to post their political views on their normally non-political social media profiles.

Throughout the months leading up to Election Day, voters are encouraged to speak up about issues and let their voices be heard and the perfect platform for this to be done is social media. There is no way of knowing if your Facebook friends or Twitter followers are being influenced by your political thoughts but making your thoughts about the election public is what the candidates and members of their campaigns have been encouraging young people to do. By encouraging young voters to share their opinions via social media, more people are able to learn more about the important issues that could potentially affect their future.

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