March 19, 2012 By blogging

Soaking in SXSW – IntegratePR Lessons Learned

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As the March storms and showers left us drenched during the first two days of SXSW, we were literally able to soak in the experience. However, we did manage to leave with more than just the foresight to bring an umbrella next year, here are some of the new lessons the team felt important enough to share on Tumblr from our trip to SXSW:

Overall, SXSW was the perfect opportunity for Integrate Public Relations to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who share the same passions that we do. It was important to learn the new trends in the industry, what kinds of tools and campaigns have been working around the country and see what is coming for the future. The team could not have had more fun, and we are excited to show our clients how we can apply the lessons learned to their accounts.

Now, back to work!