November 25, 2015 By integrate

Showing Solidarity on Social Media

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Just two short weeks ago, the world was in shock as they watched the news unfold surrounding the organized terrorist attack that occurred in Paris, France, killing at least 128 people.

Facebook created a safety check specifically for the Paris attacks so its users could let their family and friends know that they were safe.

Twitter users in Paris created the hashtag #PorteOuverte, which means #OpenDoor in English, to provide shelter to tourists and Parisians during the attacks.

The Facebook safety check-in feature and #PorteOuverte hashtag, specifically, are prime examples of social media being used as a vital asset during emergency situations.  

Not surprisingly, many national brands used their social media influence as an opportunity to give their condolences for the country.

Millions of people that weren’t in Paris during the attack took to their personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to pay their respects.

Facebook gave its users the option to overlay their Facebook profile pictures with France’s flag in order to show support.

Over 70 million people posted their condolences for Paris on Instagram, and the hashtag #PrayforParis was trending on Twitter during the weekend of the tragedy.

Social media has allowed us access and communication to millions of people at just the touch of our fingertips, which can make us feel closer than ever. Although the people of Paris are currently mourning, with the help of social media, hopefully they know that the world is by their side.