June 20, 2011 By Integrate Agency

Should Your Company Start a Blog?

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When we develop social media strategy, a company blog is usually on the list of recommended tactics. The information you post on your blog gives more details than a sentence-long Facebook update or a 140–character tweet on Twitter, and when updated frequently, a blog can be a helpful tool for your clients, potential clients and others in the industry. Developing an engaging blog can take work and discipline, but in the long run, it can build your credibility, brand awareness and create effective communication with your audience. Here are some pointers as you start your blog.

1. Make a blog guideline
Before you start writing content for you blog, you need to decide a few things that will help give your blog structure. What is the goal of your blog? How often will you post? What kind of topics will you write about?

2. Write blog posts to fit your audience
Now that you’ve decided on your blog topics, draft some blog posts and make sure they are engaging for your specific audience. Are they relevant, interesting, and/or helpful? Is it too much about you/your company and not enough about your audience?

3. Respond to your audience
After your posts are live, monitor how your audience responds. Do they like the topics or do they need tweaking? Respond to comments posted on your blogs, especially if your topic is controversial. Listen earnestly and respond honestly. Look for ways to educate and inform your audience.