July 23, 2015 By integrate

SharkFest vs. Shark Week: Battle of the Ratings

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You know about Shark week, but have you heard about SharkFest?

To catch you up to speed on what was all the rage last week, SharkFest is a six-day celebration of sharks on Nat Geo WILD. Nat Geo WILD is obviously in direct competition with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week for viewers and ratings, so the Nat Geo WILD promotion team had to make a big splash with their advertising campaign.

Click here for a quick SharkFest Rant promo video to give you even more background information on their marketing approach. Essentially, they know that viewers will get confused and they do not care. At all. In fact, they are counting on it.

Nat Geo WILD decided to take a very honest approach to their advertising this year for SharkFest. This blatant and comedic route makes SharkFest stand out as another option during the typical Shark W**k. They continued the campaign with more hilarious rant videos and radio spots taking the same overly honest approach, as well as sending a shark out on the streets to talk to pedestrians about shark facts.

Taking advantage of events, holidays and pop culture is key to connecting with your target audience. Nat Geo WILD knew that their audience was interested in shark shows and would be flipping through channels looking for sharks, not the Discovery Channel logo. Nat Geo WILD has taken Shark Week’s popularity and used it to their advantage to advertise to their audience. And they flip advertising on its head by stating exactly what they’re doing to the audience: tricking them into watching SharkFest and not… that other thing.

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