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Satisfying a Sweet Tooth in Houston

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If you’ve seen “Elf,” you will remember the scene where Will Ferrell jovially pours maple syrup on spaghetti. He does this simply because he is an elf, and elves have an affinity for sugar, as they stick to four basic food groups: “candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.” While I’ve never added candy or maple syrup to spaghetti, I do have a sweet tooth that rivals an elf’s. Luckily for me, Houston has numerous places that allow me to satisfy my sugar cravings. Though I won’t turn my nose to any type of sugary treat (seriously, for a few months I lived off mini marshmallows), below are some of my favorite places to indulge myself in Houston.

Moeller’s Bakery: There’s a chance I cried sweet, sweet tears of joy the first time I tried Moeller’s. Established in 1930, the Houston tradition creates perfect, sugary vanilla petit fours that melt in your mouth and furthermore, the bakery’s sheet cake tastes exactly like a giant petit four (amazing, right?). In my opinion, it’s the best cake in the entire world. I’ve had a Moeller’s cake for my birthday every year for more than a decade. Even when I was in college in Oklahoma, my parents would overnight a Moeller’s cake so I could enjoy it on my birthday. Visit Moeller’s original location for five petit fours, or splurge and buy a whole cake, but just be sure to keep a large glass of milk nearby.

Photo Credit: Shelby Hodge, CultureMap

The Chocolate Bar: As its motto says, the Chocolate Bar is “where every hour is happy hour.” You can’t walk into this delightful chocolate paradise without smiling. It’s what I would imagine a real life Candy Land to be like. Not only does the Chocolate Bar create delicacies such as gourmet bars, truffles, dipped fruit and cookies, ice cream and chocolate pizza, but every day the chefs make phenomenal baked goods, which include cheesecakes, cakes and cookies.  The store has two locations, which is convenient for the chocolate lovers of Houston.

Photo Credit: CultureMap

Macaron by Patisse: Firstly, Macaron by Patisse is one of the most beautiful stores I’ve ever been to. The oversized yellow chandelier serves as a warm welcome and sets the tone for Macaron: elegantly over-the-top. The macaron boutique boasts numerous flavors such as pistachio, spiced rum, earl grey, tiramisu and hazelnut, and each is more delicious than the next. I would say these little gems are too pretty to eat, but they’re too scrumptious to not devour.

Photo Credit: Macaron by Patisse Facebook Page

Tiff’s Treats: Even though Tiff’s Treats isn’t unique to Houston, I had to include it on my list because they provide Houston, Austin and Dallas with the most outstanding cookies. One bite and you’ll agree that Tiff’s has the most wonderful cookies; I promise they’re even better than the Otis Spunkmeyer’s I spent all my money on at the cafeteria in elementary school. The most fabulous part about Tiff’s Treats is its stores deliver warm, fresh from the oven cookies to any location (within a certain zip code, of course), and you really can’t beat that.

Photo Credit: Tiff’s Treats/Advocate Preston Hollow

Three Brothers Bakery: If you want to go to a bakery that offers the most divine Eastern European style breads, cookies, pastries, cookies, cupcakes and cakes, then Three Brothers Bakery is your one-stop shop. The traditional bakery is known for its gingerbread men, which truly can turn a ginger-hater into a ginger-lover. Personally, I love “breakfast” at Three Brothers Bakery, because the danishes and pastries they bake from scratch every morning are as good as dessert, and I don’t feel guilty for having them before 10 a.m.

Photo Credit: Three Brothers Bakery

House of Pies: If you live in Houston and haven’t been to one of House of Pies’ two locations, please stop reading this, get in your car or hop on a bus, bike, skateboard, etc., and try this fantastic diner (it doesn’t matter what time it is because House of Pies is open 24 hours). It’s a bit of a dive, but the tasty food is well worth the two showers you’ll have to take after eating here. House of Pies carries every type of pie you can imagine, great milkshakes and cakes, plus they have tasty hot chocolate that’s served in a cute personal sized teapot. The institution’s signature “Bayou Goo” pie is popular choice, but my preferred pie at House of Pies is the strawberry rhubarb, heated and a la mode, of course.

Photo Credit: KThread/Kristen Taylor

I apologize if the pictures and establishments I included in this post made your mouth water and gave you an uncontrollable sugar craving, but if that is the case, I highly recommend you go satisfy your sweet tooth. I’m always willing to try a new spot in Houston, so tell me, what’s your favorite dessert spot in the city? Share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!

Written by: Laura Littlejohn