January 22, 2015 By integrate

Celebrating Successes in the PR Industry

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Working in an extremely fast paced and sometimes stressful industry, I am finding that company culture and your work environment are extremely important in getting through the workday. And while some days are long and hard for the Integrate team, I find it’s the little things in the office that go a long way.

Open Environment

One of the first things you will notice when you walk into the office is that it is a completely open environment, where you are working very close to your co-workers. As one of the more soft-spoken voices in the office (this may be an understatement) I actually quite enjoy the ongoing banter and conversations that occur in our office. This constant interaction and environment has allowed me to build relationships with all of my co-workers in a short period of time. As a more reserved person, I know this wouldn’t be possible without this open and extremely friendly work environment.

Celebrating each other

In an industry that is known for putting out fires, it becomes easy to get bogged down with the negatives in your day. As a perfectionist in many areas, I am quicker to focus on what went wrong than what went right. One of the cool things Integrate has adopted is celebrating each other successes. Everyone now has a hand bell at his or her desk that we ring when something great happens with a client or internally. I’ll admit, at first I thought this was silly, but there is something oddly gratifying in ringing a bell and celebrating both the small and major successes with your co-workers. (On a side note here: we are working on becoming one of the greatest hand bell choirs in Houston, but that is for another blog post)

One is not the loneliest number

As the one and only guy in the office there are some conversations that I am just not going to relate to. I still try to join in when I can, but also have a nice pair of headphones for when I need to not be distracted. For instance, I am not the first one to leap out of my chair when someone announces that there is a great sale at Neiman’s on flats. And while I don’t always join in on the One Direction jam sessions in the office, I have never felt left out of the group or like I don’t belong. I am fortunate to work with 14 very talented ladies and I never mind changing the water cooler or squashing a bug if needed.  You don’t always get to choose the people you work with, but I feel very fortunate to work with a great team.


Written By Ryan Cantrell