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Resume Guide: Part 3

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Submitting Your Resume

Before you submit your resume, you should have a parent, friend, Career Services counselor, whomever, review it. You may be too close to it to notice a simple spelling mistake or something may not sound right to them. When you save your resume, include your name and the job position for which you are applying. Saving the resumes this way will help keep you organized during your job search period; if you receive a call for an interview for a position, you can quickly and easily find the resume you created for that specific position (right?) and not have to dig through your emails.

Regardless if you are in college or in the workforce, you should create a LinkedIn account and profile. LinkedIn is a great place to write all of your experiences and skills, without being limited to one page, that you can simply translate to your resume. If you can keep your LinkedIn profile updated during your current internships or jobs, you will have less of a headache editing your resume by the time next spring and “job searching season” rolls around.