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Raining on Miss America’s Parade

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The crowning of the most recent Miss America has caused controversy, to say the least. Due to her race and family heritage, many Americans have displayed an alarming level of hate across various social media channels. America has long been considered a “cultural melting pot”, so what’s the problem? She fits the beautiful, intelligent and talented criteria, and is a native of New York. It truly is a shame that, on what might very well be the best day of this lovely girl’s life, there are those that just can’t see past the color of her skin, and feel the need to shout it across the entire social media world.

Nina Davuluri also connects with her audience of young American girls through her personal story, sharing an inspirational message about healthy living. Her positive message is getting lost in the cruel and ridiculous comments and accusations flooding in from Twitter and Facebook.

The ignorant population is taking away the meaning of this competition, which promotes education and achievement. Calling a beauty queen, and U.S. citizen, of Indian heritage a terrorist? Let’s be real here, people. Although the office favorite in this competition was Miss Kansas for being an awesome mix of Barbie, Angelina Jolie and Katniss Everdeen, we can definitely see why Nina won, and love that she embraces her heritage and celebrates diversity.

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Social media platforms oftentimes become vehicles for the highly opinionated to spread their thoughts, which is great, but we all have those friends that take posting a bit too far. Racism in particular seems to be an explosive topic on social media, as we saw with Paula Dean’s nightmare. Regardless, that woman can make magic with food, and we still appreciate her for that. So, let’s back off the social media accounts and refrain from crying wolf, calling this charismatic pageant winner a terrorist simply for her heritage. We’re jealous of her sparkly tiara too, but she deserves it, and wears it well.

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