March 18, 2015 By integrate

Handwritten Notes Go a Long Way

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The art of writing is dying. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it seems that “thank you” notes are disappearing.  We live in a fast-pace world where immediate forms of communication, such as email, text or social media, have become the norm.

As PR professionals, we strive to have a personal relationship with clients, as well as aid in sustaining the relationship between our clients and their publics. We do value Thank You notes and the thought that comes behind them even more. Our agency focuses on creating integrated strategies to fulfill the highest marketing potential for our clients: we tweet pitches, make daily phone calls and, more often than not, we handwrite “thank you” notes and invitations. We even custom made Integrate stationery for the many “thank you” notes that we send. Through my experience with Integrate and colligate career, here are some quick tips on how to write thank you notes easier for you:

~ If you’re struggling to stay motivated to write “thank you” notes, one tip is to invest in stationery that reflects you. All of my stationery reflects my personality and what I want people to visually see when they think of me. Below are some of my favorite designs, which have made me excited enough to look for reasons to write notes to my friends and colleagues.

~ Without the luxury of a backspace or “delete” button, if you make a mistake when writing in ink, there’s not much you can do than start again. Write a draft of your note on a separate piece of paper before putting your best handwriting skills to use on your good stationery. It could save you another trip to the store and time.

~ Emotions feed creativity in the best of ways. When you feel really grateful for something that someone did, you’ll want to thank them to the moon and back. Use that feeling of gratefulness and let your pen speak for you.

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Written By Nancy Gutierrez