Pizza Promotion Peeves

Nationally franchised, Dallas based Pizza Patrón produced a 2007 marketing stunt “Pizza por Pesos,” a campaign that allowed patrons to pay with Mexican pesos for a limited time. The stunt produced both negative and positive response but five years later, Andrew Gamm, Pizza Patrón’s brand director, has developed a new series of campaigns for the year that will continue to capitalize on the brand’s target audience’s Hispanic culture. The current initiative will offer a free pizza to anyone who asks for one in Spanish on June 5th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. during which time Gamm expects to give away 80,000 pizzas. Critics of the promotion have come from both the Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking community, who have loudly voiced their opinions that the promotion seems discriminatory.

From a marketing perspective, it appears that Pizza Patrón has done the right thing in catering to their target demographic. While pundits of the campaign criticize the fact that it discriminates against non-Spanish speakers, we feel the campaign does nothing of the sort. It invites consumers to participate in the culture of the company, which caters to a Spanish speaking audience. They do not only sell to people who speak Spanish but are offering a deal to someone who asks for pie in a language that the brand’s audience is comfortable with. For anyone who is so upset about having to broaden their horizons by learning one sentence in a different language, we recommend Google Translate.

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