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Our Office Buzz(Feed)

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Addicted to BuzzFeed? We feel your pain. The endless source for stress relief, entertainment, inspiration and news, BuzzFeed has become a part of the daily lives of all of us here at Integrate Public Relations, whether it’s emailing around a cute article about how pugs are the best, taking a quiz to find out what food is your spirit animal, or keeping up with the world, we just can’t get enough.

So, how do you take advantage of something as widely used as BuzzFeed? The social media team here at Integrate Public Relations decided to find out.

On BuzzFeed’s Community page, anyone can create and submit his or her own article or material, for free! We decided to do this for a few of our clients.

For Cafe Adobe, we created a fun BuzzFeed post all about how Tex-Mex is the only Valentine a girl really needs – A Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day. Full of comical rom-com gifs and ecards, this BuzzFeed list was a fun way to tell a new audience about various menu items from Cafe Adobe.

The Goode Company social team also created a BuzzFeed list for the 20 Things Texans Love. As the expert on Texas culture, lifestyle and food, Goode Company utilized BuzzFeed as a platform to share this expertise.

We see BuzzFeed as a growing tool and plan on using it in the future as a fun way to capture an entirely new audience. Not only do BuzzFeed articles shake things up a bit, but it’s also a platform where clients can be more open and out there with their content and showcase their true personalities.

Are you a BuzzFeed addict? We’re always up for a good BuzzFeed link, so share your favorites with us on Facebook or Twitter!