August 3, 2015 By integrate

Our Daily Lives As Integrate Rock Stars

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As we approach the one year mark of our official rebrand, Integrate is on the cusp of a very exciting and pivotal time in our company. From growing our services to our team, now is a great moment to provide insight into our daily lives as rock stars at one of the best full-service firms in Houston.

In our recent interviews of hiring the next wave of Integrate team members , a common question we have been asked in almost every interview (and true of past interviews) has been: what is a typical day for this position or for your company?

In very cliche form, our answer has been very consistent: there is no typical day. While there are certain daily tasks or weekly items that need to be completed, at any moment, the world may throw us a curve ball in the form of a crisis or it may throw us a bone in the form of an opportunity. A typical day consists of always being prepared for either (or both) situations and handling them should they arise. (And, not to mention, handle all the other smaller issues that indubitably pop up during the day.) We quite truly are always on our toes and keep our eyes open and ears clean. This uncertainty either excites and intrigues some or overwhelms and terrifies others; clearly, our team is that rare group that fall in the former category. We know it’s not an industry for everyone and we enjoy the challenges that come with agency life.

Yes, we don’t preform brain surgery or protect our country’s freedom, but we also do not discount the impact our work has on the community and its local businesses. So, what is a typical day? We very honestly provide a deeper insight to this question with several truths that describe the “typical” at Integrate: Yes, our hours are sometimes long and you may have to be give up your weekends. Yes, you will be stressed. Yes, clients and campaigns may suck creative juices out of you that you never thought you had. Yes, you will bounce back. Yes, you will be part of a team that will provide unwavering support. Yes, you will be challenged. Yes, you will learn. You will fail and you will succeed and you will grow. Yes, yes and yes.

The above truths speak louder and more clearly than ever before in wake of our recent growth (both in the last weeks and this last year.) With an amazing team overflowing with creativity and passion, I assume you understand why. And, yes, we are all proud to be Integrate.


Written By Mary Paolantonio