June 4, 2013 By blogging

Only Man Standing

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When I was researching before applying here, one of the first things I noticed on the Integrate Public Relations website was that there were only females in the office, from the interns up to the owner. I know this is most mens’ dream, but I was pretty intimidated at first.

“How bad was the resolution during the Skype interview?” was my initial reaction.

After the excitement of being hired settled in, I began to think about what it’s like to live with nothing but women as a point of reference for my upcoming experience.

That’s the moment when my excitement turned to terror.

That terror didn’t last past walking in the door, though. It hasn’t been like my fears made me think it would be at all. There’s not hair everywhere, nobody’s cried and I haven’t experienced any gossip. Everybody here has been extremely welcoming and it doesn’t SEEM like I’m the only guy here; I’m not treated any differently, even as the intern. That’s all I can ask for in any situation.

While learning tons about social media and public relations, I have also learned so much about celebrities, that my man crushes are solid choices and just how important shoes are to women (you think you know, but you have NO idea.)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and I’ve been accepted into the family immediately.

And they haven’t asked me to lift anything heavy…yet.

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