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On Point Custom Homes

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At Integrate, we represent a range of clients working in a wide variety of fields. From hospitality to B2B, we’ve learned that no two businesses are alike, and each needs targeted strategies to successfully garner media wins and coverage.

On Point Custom Homes, a Houston–based, locally- and nationally-recognized custom homebuilder and remodeler, has been working with Integrate since December 2014.  While some might assume that a client working in such a niche market would be relegated to a few specialized publications and the Real Estate section of the paper, Integrate knows that media opportunities exist in surprising places.

We recognized that while On Point received a good amount of coverage within its market publications, there were other outlets where we could expose this luxury homebuilder to new target audiences. After a few brainstorming sessions, we realized that there was an entire segment of Houston media perfect for On Point Custom Homes, hovering just below our noses:lifestyle bloggers. Many Houston-area bloggers needed gorgeous backdrops for photoshoots, and by providing a place for them to shoot photos, we could connect with their vast audience of followers greatly increasing the business’ visibility, while also gathering new photographs in recent builds.

Starting in July of 2015, we began offering On Point’s beautiful homes to bloggers looking for a chic living room, stunning modern kitchen, or, in the most recent case, a pool oasis to shoot in. This all started when we were looking for a way to connect to the blogger community and local lifestyle blogger Sugar & Cloth desperately needed a pool to use for a summer-themed photo shoot last June. After seeing her plea on Instagram, we reached out and hooked her up with an On Point Custom Home that had recently won a PRISM award from GHBA for best outdoor space (P.S. did you know we nominate clients for various industry awards as part of our community relations services?!). The photos that resulted from a few hours on site were absolutely summery and fun and perfect. From them on, we continued to connect with various bloggers within the Houston community to schedule styled shoots, often times partnering up with other brands and businesses.

Since the initiation of the blogger partnership program last summer, we’ve scheduled more than 30 photo shoots with local tastemakers, photographers and brands that have a similar audience and the need for a beautiful home. All but one of the homes that we’ve shot in have been sold, which speaks for itself when considering the traffic that many of these bloggers bring to On Point’s portfolio of homes. In fact, 150 new visitors visited the On Point Custom Homes website from these various bloggers’ websites since the beginning of 2016.

Outside of raising awareness for its homes and encouraging sales, the media results have been impressive, as well. On Point Custom Homes generated 1.5 million impressions in June 2016, alone,in part thanks to the outstanding coverage we received from Sugar & ClothDaily CravingAshley N StyleToast from the Host and Snapshots and My Thoughts.

Other notable bloggers have used On Point as a backdrop for their posts, including Shay Moné, who dropped into an OPCH to talk about her newest pregnancy craving – cake! These partnerships are incredibly beneficial to On Point, since the cost of letting these bloggers into homes is absolutely nada, and the additional exposure garnered is invaluable. Bloggers like Ashley N Style and Sugar & Cloth often have between 50,000 – 250,000 followers, expanding On Point’s audience immensely.

In a fun blogger twist, On Point Custom Homes also hosted Ashley Nicole Style, who was working in partnership with Zadok Jewelers and Bering’s to showcase a complete “entertaining look” for the home and the hostess in a three-part series on her blog. OPCH offered its stunning Colquitt home for the set, and the series resulted in some great shots. Not only did On Point get coverage from Ashley’s blog, but it also got shout-outs on Zadok and Bering’s social media pages.

Since the beginning of 2016, On Point Custom Homes has seen over 3.2 million impressions from bloggers and their social media pages. We’re not too surprised, since On Point’s portfolio of homesis drool-worthy to begin with, but we are excited to see what the rest of the year brings!